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Accessible Bathroom

Client: Private Client, London

What we did: Interior design / Product sourcing / Construction drawings / Accessible design consultancy / On-site support


Working with Motionspot, Dan worked closely with a newly married couple to help them develop their new home into an accessible home fit to raise a family in.

Double basins were integrated in their en-suite bathroom at different heights on a floating counter top. Ade’s was slightly sunken to make it easier to reach from a wheelchair, whilst Linda’s was positioned slightly above the surface so she wouldn’t have to bend so far when standing. The space below gave Ade room to pull his wheelchair underneath. It also created a beautiful sense of openness in what could otherwise have felt like a small, enclosed room.

We built in a number of clever storage solutions to replace traditional under-counter storage. A tall concealed cupboard was designed into one end of the counter top within easy reach and opened with the lightest touch. A number of alcoves were also recessed into the walls at key points to create extra hanging storage at levels suitable for both.

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