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Nando's – SIAL exhibition, Paris

Client: Nando's Grocery

What we did: Concept, Visualisation, Detailed design, Joinery drawings, On-site support

Nando’s wanted to create a stand for a food expo in Paris that “screamed all things Nando’s” and epitomised their brand, with a view to showcase their restaurant sauces to food retailers.

Working with Finch Interiors and Nando’s Grocery Team, Dan created a stand which showcased the brand’s best assets, told the story of piri-piri and allowed visitors to create their own sauce by grinding fresh herbs and lemon juice, creating a wonderful sensory environment that drew a large crowd.

The stand is like a microcosm of Nando's life brought to Paris!

Dominic McNeill

Global Marketing Director, Nando's Grocery

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