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Object Lessons

Client: Manchester Museum, UK

What we did: Space planning / Interior design / Joinery drawings


Prolific art collector George Loudon loaned his enormous art collection to Manchester Museum for it’s first ever public display. The collection of bizarre Victorian scientific teaching objects were curated into seven themes for his book with the same name published in 2015. These unusual instruments, drawings and models were used in the 19th century to teach students how plants, humans and other living objects function – but now they are intricate works of art in themselves.


Collaborating with Modern Designers who created the graphical elements Dan created a walk-through of the seven themes, bespoke cases and displays fitting the works of art as well as interactive displays to entertain young children.


The highlight of the visitor journey was ‘The Lanterium’ a floor-to-ceiling lightbox filled with over a thousand slides of botanical anatomy – back lit and mirrored to create an ‘infinity’ box of wonder and delight.


One of the parts I enjoyed most was The Lanterium, and not just because you can take selfies in there(!)

This exhibit is for the curious… and those who like looking at incredibly wonderful objects.

Annette Rotz

Art Rabbit

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